Living and Staying in a Portable Work Camp

Staying and Living in a Portable Work Camp

When workers leave home to work, generally there are only a few choices where to stay. Hotels/motels can be a choice, but in many areas where work is required, it is in very isolated areas, and there aren’t any hotels around. ¬†Instead, many companies choose to set up a work camp to house their employees.

portable work camp

Today’s modern work camps are almost like a luxury hotel. Each unit is a self-contained suite that includes it’s own washroom and large living area. Meals are catered by a professional chef, and pretty much any meal is by request. Since the work day can begin and end at any time of day, meals are ready to go all the time. If asked, meals to go can also be arranged if the worker will be working an extremely long shift.


These work camps are completely mobile, and are moved from place to place by experienced and highly qualified camp movers. These movers use specialized equipment that allows them to set up massive camps, housing and feeding hundreds of workers, in a matter of days.

mobile work camps

Each camp can be set up in unique variations that are specific to each site.  Some units can be multiple beds, single users, wash units, laundry units, eating areas, recreation rooms, and of course, cooking units. Depending upon the size of the camp required.

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Camps can be an expensive endeavour, so knowing how big a camp, and all the amenities that is required, will make a big difference for a company looking to put in a work camp. It will need to make economic sense to set up a work camp, and pay for the moving, set-up, and maintenance for the lifespan of the camp.

If you have a choice to live and work in a work camp, you will be surprised at the level of comfort that these camps provide for the workers that live in them. These type of work camps have come a long way from what was standard even a decade ago.